All about Adult Acne in Men

Haven’t outgrown your teen acne? Or maybe your acne came back (or even a first appearance) in your adult years? You aren’t the only one dealing with this skin concern. Adult acne in men is provoking, stubborn, but not uncommon. Acne has an effect on both sexes equally during teen-hood, but acne in men tends to have longer-lasting problems compared to women. Gentlemen, here are a few you must know to treat your adult acne.

All about Adult Acne in Men

Causes of Acne in Men:

Stress- Stress causes an increase in the androgen hormone, which kindles your sebaceous glades to overproduce sebum. The androgen hormone is accountable for increasing male traits. You might think having a surplus is a good thing, but it’s not. Your body needs to stabilize it.

Excessively Drying out Skin– If you have a propensity to over-dry your skin in order to remove oil, you may be causing yourself adult acne. Extremely drying out the skin causes your sebaceous glands to bring your skin’s oil level back into balance.

Chemicals & Toxins– some chemicals in your skin products can irritate the skin, causing inflammation leading to acne. Inflamed skin may see a build of up white blood cells, causing pimples to come into the light. Use natural men’s skincare and grooming products to avoid this type of inflammation.

Lifestyle- Most often, drinking alcohol, eating food that’s bad for you, and taking prescription drugs can cause adult acne in men.

Know the trigger – In your earlier days, you might have been convinced that eating fast food or anything unhealthy caused acne. We know a lot more about acne development now than some old school beliefs about what causes pimples. At this age, it may not be true anymore. There are a few major factors that are accountable for causing acne: excess oil, an augment of dead skin cells in the pore, production of acne-causing bacteria, and irritation.

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See a Dermatologist – Sure; there is an abundance of acne products to choose from. But if your acne isn’t getting better with time, it’s time to move on to effective treatments. Even though time spent in the doctor’s office may not be you’re thought of a good time, don’t avoid making an appointment. We will help you find a treatment that makes your skin clearer. The earlier you make that appointment, the sooner you will start seeing results.


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