Can Practicing Yoga Improve your Skin? – Yoga for Skin

Same as your body, your skin, and your face particularly, are at the receiving end of a demanding lifestyle. If you aren’t eating rightly or indulging in some junk eating, you can surely expect hormonal fluctuations that can manifest in the form of breakouts and other skin related problems. However, the science of yoga which draws from ancient Indian wisdom can offer some reinforcement. People who practice yoga on a daily basis are very vocal about the marvelous impact it has on the body, mind, and soul. Among these, weight loss and glowing healthy skin are just some of the noticeable benefits of yoga(yoga for skin).

Can Practicing Yoga Improve your Skin - Yoga for Skin

While yoga improves the overall health of the body there are a few asanas that are predominantly good for your skin. Everyday practice of these asanas can get rid of toxins from your skin and restore it to its best version. Some of the most challenging asanas like the headstand also known as the King of all asanas have the utmost payoff—it is known to boost blood circulation to the area around the face and helps get rid of toxins, and even improve your frame of mind. It is believed that it is not just the asanas that may help. The breathing techniques in yoga known as the pranayams and various other chanting have a calming effect on the body and can help lessen acne. Furthermore, techniques like jalneeti and om chanting are said to play a key role in detoxifying the body, and in the long run, help in the pursuit of happy glowing skin.

You can expand the benefits of yoga for your skin by implementing yoga principles in your day to day life. One of yoga’s mainstay principles is “niyama” and refers to how you look after your body. Practicing niyama involves adopting lifestyle habits that prop up your body’s health – this includes paying awareness to what you eat and how you care for your skin. Along with practicing yoga, you need to balance it out with a healthy lifestyle—we’re talking about 8 hours of sleep and a diet that’s packed with greens, juicy fruits, and the least amount of junk. Fruits are a source of power filled with antioxidants which are significant to the natural healing process of the body. Correspondingly, drinking 3 liters of water every day is going to make sure your skin is hydrated and your body is getting the daily detox it requires.


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