Celebrate Biodiversity theme for World Environment Day 2020

One of the biggest objectives we have ahead of us is to gift the natural resources to our next generation, the way we received from our ancestors, in fact, in a better condition. We have exploited Mother Nature enough and it is now time to be conscious about conservation and sustainable living. No matter residential or commercial, every unit in our ecosystem must take necessary steps towards saving the depleting environment.

Celebrate Biodiversity theme for World Environment Day 2020

World Environment Day is celebrated to encourage people across the globe to save and protect the environment in whatever way possible. The world is facing a range of environmental challenges today and it is high time we set clear and strict Environmental Sustainable Development Goals.

What is World Environment Day and when is it celebrated?

Run by the United Nations, World Environment Day is an annual event of great significance that is dedicated to make people aware of the environmental changes and encourage them to protect our environment. Celebrated on the 5th of June every year, World Environment Day makes people aware of the rising environmental concerns and their role in combating them.

Every year a different country plays the host for World Environment Day. For World Environment Day 2020, Columbia in partnership with Germany is playing the host. The prime focus of this year’s celebration is on ‘biodiversity’.

Why the biodiversity theme for World Environment Day 2020?

Reports suggest that more than 1 million species across the world are facing extinction and there could not be a better time to focus on the biodiversity concern of the environment.

Biodiversity theme for World Environment Day

As Columbia is known to be the richest biodiverse nation, it is the host for this year’s celebrations. It is the part of the Amazon Rainforest and is home to the largest number of bird and orchid species in the world. It is also known for the biodiversity of plants, butterflies, freshwater fish, amphibians and is ranked second in the world.

Why Biodiversity is a matter of concern?

Biodiversity is the base of survival on the face of the earth. The human ecosystem thrives on the supplies and goods provided by biodiversity and hence putting efforts towards its conservation are essential. All the resources including live supporting supplies such as food, water, and resources are provided by biodiversity only.

We need to be aware of how our actions spoil Mother Nature and take preventive steps to sustain environmental resources and save our mother earth. World Environment Day is one say that makes us aware of our responsibilities towards nature and how we should render them.


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