Celebrate Earth Day, Everyday

Our planet is very kind and always provides for us, but it needs our help to flourish! Every year on April 22, more than a billion people celebrate World Earth Day to guard the planet from various problems such as pollution, land/soil degradation, deforestation, poor management of waste, growing water scarcity, overpopulation and much more. Earth day is not just about being grateful to Mother Nature, but also preserving it. Plenty of activities are closed or called off due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, but Earth Day need not be one of them. Most organizers who are part of Earth Day have turned this year’s 50th anniversary of Earth Day into the first-ever Digital Earth Day.

World Earth Day marks our society’s united response to our environmental issues. In the current situation, there is absolutely, yet again, a need for environmental action. One can celebrate earth day every day while staying at home during COVID-19 in the following ways:

  1. Work in your garden- burrowing your hands in the mud is great for not only your physical health but your mental health as well. Welcome the summer by planting seasonal fruits and vegetables, beautiful flowers and some herbs.
  2. Start your own compost pit- Composting your food waste will lessen the quantity of waste you send to a landfill, and once it entirely decomposes, you’re left with exceedingly rich manure you can make use of in your garden. 
  3. Build your own birdhouse- Share your space at home with birds by building a birdhouse out of recycled supplies. Keeping food and water for them will help them survive during this harsh summer. 
  4. Recycle- it is about time for us to start recycling at home. One can teach everyone at home how objects like plastic, newspaper, etc can be recycled and used again instead of throwing them away after a single-use. You could also engage your kids by giving them a stack of trash to sort into a suitable recycling bin. Recycling is yet another small way to make a big difference in our environment.
  5. Read informative e-books on nature and watch interesting nature-related Tv series and movies. This can strengthen your knowledge about the current crisis Mother Nature is facing in a profound way.

There are innumerable ways to celebrate Earth Day not only on April 22nd but every day of our lives. Keeping the environment clean, protected and pleasant for all of its inhabitants is a full-time job that all of us must ensure to participate in. Our planet is running hazardously low on natural resources, hence it is our duty to do all we can to protect our earth.


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