How Pollution affects Top layer of our Skin

As much as we enjoy the luxuries of urban life, it is time we understand the effects of pollution on skin that is good. One of the everyday stressors is air pollution that has severe impacts on the skin’s health. Air pollutants, more precisely known as particulate matter (PM) can cause serious damage. Some pollutants include soot, dust or smoke, or even smaller specs. So, how does air pollution actually damage the top layer of your skin, making you look dull and flawed? Let’s find out the effects of pollution on skin:

How Pollution affects Top layer of our Skin
How Pollution affects Top layer of our Skin

Effects of air pollution on the skin:

One of the commonly known ways air pollution can be damaging to the skin is making it dirty. You can find the remaining particles of air pollution on your skin. However, the effects are not just limited to this. The chemical pollutants can be more dangerous as they get easily absorbed by the skin. They penetrate deeper into the skin’s layer and can cause oxidative stress. This in turn weakens the skin barrier leaving it exposed to irritation, inflammation dryness, and whatnot.

If not attended in the right time, these pollutants can cause serious damage such as pigmentation problems. Pollutants can be most dangerous for the topmost layer of the skin as it is the first place of contact. They just don’t sit on it but create grime which affects the skin inside and out. It can affect the hydrating levels as well as break the moisturizer barrier. Besides, if they instigate the cellular motion, air pollutants can also wreak havoc on the skin, harming it and making it lose elasticity and firmness.

As per expert dermatologists, ‘pollution breaks the collagen and the lipid layer of the skin. This affects the skin barrier function.’ Thankfully, preventing skin damage from pollution is possible. Here are a few ways:

  • Keep it clean

Washing your face with the right cleansing agent is the first line of defense. You must spend significant time in your cleaning regime.

  • Neutralize the skin

Pollution can give rise to free radicals in your skin. These radicals can be devastating for the skin as they scavenge for healthy skin cells in order to steal an electron. You must use an antioxidant-rich serum or lotion to neutralize the skin.

  • Protect it

Pollution is as dangerous as UV rays and it can be prevented with sunscreen effectively. All you need to get is a high SPF sunscreen and apply it every time you step out.

Air pollution can make your healthy skin look dull and dry. Stop the damage by taking these precautions.


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