Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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1. How does the app perform the measurement?

Skin Beauty Pal uses Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing to understand your skin condition in terms of its age, smoothness and colour uniformity. To get accurate reading, ensure that you have correctly filled the Skin Type survey in your user profile. To enjoy the benefits of Precise Measurement, you can add a Smart Magnifying Lens Shell and get detailed analysis of your skin’s pores, texture and colour.

2. What can I measure using the ‘Measure’ feature of Skin Beauty Pal?

You can assess almost anything about your skin from pore, wrinkle, skin colour uniformity, spots, skin smoothness, and skin Age. Once you fill in the survey form, the measure feature can tell you the tendency of Skin Oil/Dry Type, and Allergy Type.

3. How do I make the measurement more accurate?

  • Make sure to take the picture in good light condition, when you try using skin measure again ensure to click in the same place and in similar light conditions
  • Ensure no light is coming from behind
  • Face should be fully visible and move any hair falling on your face.
  • Best time to measure your skin condition is after 30 mins of washing your face, and before you have applied any skin care products

4. What kind of solutions will Skin Beauty Pal provide me to improve my skin?

Here are some of the benefits of using Skin Beauty Pal: 1. Free 7-Day Skin Enhancement Plan After you have measured your skin, you can avail a dermatologist-approved 7-day plan that addresses 5 of the most common skincare concerns such as Sensitive Skin, Oil Control & Pore Correction, Hydration & Moisturising, Whitening & Spot Correction, and Anti-ageing. You can also choose to get notified about the dos and don'ts of your plan. 2. Track Your Progress The View Data section allows you to track the progress of your skin’s condition. 3. Remote Consultation with Doctors Skin Beauty Pal gives you the option to consult a dermatologist from the comfort of your home. 4. Skincare Articles Read from a wide range of skin-related medical research papers, articles and blogs, curated just for you.

5. Are these skincare solutions reliable?

Rest assured, all skincare solutions provided by Skin Beauty Pal app are recommended by certified doctors.