Get an Exclusive 50% Discount on Remote Consultation with Dermatologist

Taking care of skin is very important. Especially for those who have a history of skin problems, or skin conditions that demand expert advice. There is a range of dermatological treatments and services that are helpful in achieving your goal of having flawless skin. As you move forward with your skincare regime, you must have consulted with expert dermatologists. Sadly, time like the ongoing pandemic as well as the paucity of time in life can hinder your progress. So, what do you do then? Well, if you are smart, you should use the Skin Beauty Pal app and connect with the leading dermatologists- Remotely.

Get an Exclusive 50% Discount on Remote Consultation with Dermatologist

Yes, remote diagnosis is the newest and reliable way to connect with a dermatologist and seek medical advice without physically visiting the dermatologist’s clinic. Remote diagnosis saves both time and effort as well as keep you safe during the pandemic. The dermatologists use Skin Beauty Pal app which is an AI-based app that makes remote consulting easy and accessible.

How is Remote Consultation with Dermatologist Performed?

The patients can use the Skin Beauty Pal app to reach out to the leading dermatologists in the panel. As you book an appointment, you get a chance to connect with the dermatologists virtually. This means that the doctor will connect with you through a video call, and utilize several technologies like Artificial Intelligence, remote calling, and more to check and evaluate your skin’s health. The authenticity of the remote diagnosis is high as the technologies allow the dermatologist to check and evaluate the skin thoroughly and with great efficacy.

Get 50% off on Remote Diagnosis:

Now Skin Beauty Pal users get an exclusive discount on their first remote diagnosis consultation. You can connect with the leading dermatologists through the app and get a 50% discount on the fee. The offer is a limited period offer applicable till Jan 31st, 2021 only. Only Skin Beauty Pal Users get a discount on the consultation fee and also the benefits of getting remotely consulted by the doctor.

The dermatologists will evaluate the skin and offer the best treatment plan, you can also get the 7-days free skin enhancement plan which is made bespoke to cater to your skin requirements and problems. Skin Beauty Pal is a one-stop-shop for skin and hair problems. Download the app today and take advantage of the 50% discount offer on remote consultation with dermatologist, exclusively for Skin Beauty Pal Users.


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