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Skin Beauty Pal is a very useful app for those who are chasing their skin and beauty goals. The app has made it easier to take care of the skin and ensure flawless beauty. The user of Skin Beauty Pal enjoy a great range of features including but not limited to;

  • Online consultation with the best dermatologists in the world
  • Step tracker
  • Water intake reminder
  • Sunburn time calculation
  • Skin evaluation through AI and free skin enhancement plans
  • Air quality information
  • Before and after treatment comparison with markers and details

The app has now introduced a special package for several other skin treatments and discounts on beauty treatments. The user of Skin Beauty Pal now enjoys a special discount on several services at trusted dermatologist’s clinics. Some of these treatments include:

PRP treatments: PRP Therapy is helpful in treating a range of skin related problems. It is a process in which injections of a concentration of a patient’s own platelets are administered to the patient to help the injured tendons, ligaments, muscles and cells heal. This therapy is helpful in fighting skin and hair damage problems.

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Laser skin therapy: Laser skin resurfacing is a very popular treatment used for treating a range of skin problems. The therapy is effective in treating wrinkles, acne, on-responsive skin, stretch marks, excess hair growth on the face and other parts of the body and more.

Fillers/ Botox treatment: Do you aim to minimize the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles on your face? If so, Fillers/ Botox treatment is the best way to achieve the goal. The treatment proves beneficial in dealing with signs of ageing very effectively.

Acne scar treatment:  Acne scars are a big problem and dealing with them can be troublesome. The dermatologists devise the best strategy to offer you relief and ensure that the acne scars are eliminated and you are left with clear and glowing skin.

Hyper-pigmentation treatments:  Hyper-pigmentation is a big problem and needs modern solutions. Individuals suffering from hyper-pigmentation can now avail easy and affordable treatments at the leading dermatologists.

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Anti-aging treatments: Age is a big concern for most of us. As we age, we have several signs of aging that are big flaws for beauty. Get discounted anti-aging treatments from experts through Skin Beauty Pal special package.

The package is introduced exclusively for Skin Beauty Pal users. You can download the app today and get registered to avail the best beauty treatments from the experts. Book your appointment today!s

This offer is valid till 28th February 2021.

For more understanding about discounts on beauty treatments, call on customer care number: +918800606083.


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