The monsoon season is all over India and we are enjoying the rains to the fullest. Sadly, many of us are also dealing with the negative side of the weather- Hair problems.

Monsoon & Fussy Hair; How to do Hair care in Monsoon?

From heavy hair fall to dry and dull hair, the monsoon season wreaks havoc on our hairs. We all have dealt with hair problems related to the weather when it is highly humid and hot all over India.

hair care in monsoon

If you are someone who is dealing with the fizziness and messiness of hair due to the season, we have this post to help you out. Before we share our secret of maintaining fussy hair with hair care in monsoon, let us first know the reason your hair behaves this weird way in this season.

What causes fussy hairs during monsoon?

Well, there is only one thing to blame for your hair problems during the monsoon season & is Humidity. The high amount of moisture in the air makes the hair strands damp and in turn, causes fizziness. The unmanageable hair strands then become dry and sustain a huge extent of damages.

Can you fix and manage your fussy monsoon hair?

Of course, you can! Spend some time with your hair and you can easily tame those reckless hairs of yours during the humid monsoon season. Here are a few tips to manage hair during monsoon:

  1. Keep them away from the rain

While you may be tempted to run into the rain showers and enjoy some dance steps, the rainwater can actually make your monsoon hair even worse. The wet hair loses moisture faster and also the rainwater is prone to cause infection to the scalp.

How to do hair care in monsoon?
  1. Limit the washes

Make sure you do not wash your hair during monsoon very frequently. You will only lose the essential oils and moisture with excessive washes during the humid season. Limit the number of hair washes to twice a week.

  1. Too much oil is a NO

If you think that applying oil to the hair will help you keep them smooth, you are mistaken. The oil will do nothing but clog your hair follicles and pores causing more damage than you already are dealing with.

  1. Make conditioner your best friend

Hair conditioners are very much recommended during monsoon. Use a hair-appropriate skin conditioner and apply it to your hair after every wash.

Monsoon & fussy hair is a real thing, but, there are always ways to deal with proper hair care in monsoon and have a perfect hairstyle in the season.

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