Home Pilates Workout for all Levels ~ Pilates at Home

We know that the first thought to pop up in your mind would be this only. Pilate is considered as one of the premium exercises, which are of course effective but comes with a huge price tag. But, contrary to the common notions, Home Pilates Workout can actually be performed at home without any fancy machines or concerns of ruining your monthly budget.

Pilates at home! Are you serious?

Mat Pilates is your savior approach if you want to stay fit and enjoy the benefits of Pilates.

Home Pilates Workout - Pilates at Home

What is Mat Pilates?

Mat Pilates is the naïve form of Pilates that uses a gentle approach towards strength building. It has a wide range of benefits including weight loss, sleep quality improvement, efficacy for back pain relief, and mental well-being. If you are interested in a productive at-home Pilates session, here is an ultimate plan for all levels.

What you will need?

  1. Open space
  2. A Pilates mat
  3. Lots of strength and enthusiasm.

Home Pilates Workout Session:

  • Standing roll-down

The beginner exercise of your Pilates at a Home session is standing roll-down. You can perform 5 repetitions of this exercise. Stand straight with your legs in parallel. Now extend your arms straight up and try and reach your upper back. Exhale all this time and then inhale and exhale as you slowly roll down back to the floor.

  • Core plank dynamic series

A wonderful exercise for a full-body workout. Make the plank pose and now hail your legs towards the ceiling. Do it with your alternative legs and feel the effect on the hamstrings, and glutes. 15 repetitions per side of the plank pose are very effective.

  • Thigh stretches

A simple to perform exercise but with great effects. Sit upright with your knees folded and extend your arms forward. Bend your body backward making a 45 degrees angle and then get back to the original position. 10 reps of this exercise are very effective.

  • Double-leg stretch

Lie down on your back, and extend your legs and hands outwards. Bring the legs back to your chest in a bent position and hold them with your hands. Repeat the Pilates 10 to 15 repetitions.

These are the best 4 mat Pilates exercise that you can perform at home and enjoy great fitness results. Start with fewer repetitions and keep on increasing as you find yourself comfortable with the higher intensity of the workout.

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