Improve Your Skin Knowledge with Articles

Improve Your
Skin Knowledge

Internet is the powerhouse of knowledge. But, how do you know if the information is reliable? One wrong article can turn an acne into a paranoia. One misinformed blog can lead you to allergies. One wrong video can scar you for life.

Doctors Say It

Skin Beauty Pal curates a wide range of global medical research papers, articles and blogs by certified dermatologists and experts, for you to understand the science behind skin health and improve skin knowledge. Read focused articles and reach your goals faster, without any worry.

You can also access useful informational tools such as Weather, Pollution and UV Data of your current location, along with an elegant electronic mirror. Furthermore, based on the UV Data and your skin colour type, the app will also tell you the time by which you can get a skin burn.

Skincare Articles from Dermatologists