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With A Selfie

We understand how tiring it is to guess what’s wrong with your skin, standing cluelessly in front of the mirror. Skin Beauty Pal is not just any other skincare app. It is a friend that cares for you and helps understand your skin using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Free Quick Skin

Face Skin Measure!
All you have to do is simply pick up your phone and pose for a selfie, as directed. And, get a quick measure, for free! You will instantly get an overall analysis of your skin based on factors like Pores, Spots, Wrinkles, Colour Uniformity, Skin Smoothness and Skin Age.

Skin Health Measure
skin measure in detail, with better accuracy

Upgrade for Precise
Skin Measure

The power of shaping your own skin is in your hands. Using just an external attachment, a Magnifying Lens Shell, Skin Beauty Pal will check your skin in detail, with better accuracy. The analysis will be based on Pores, Texture, and Hair Fall.

Are Your Scared To
Know The Results?

Well, don’t be!
Because, finally, you will get to know your skin condition, skin type and your allergy tendency. All with just a click. Now, you don’t need to keep guessing if the product you are using is actually benefitting your skin.

Get your Skin Health Score
Skin Care App - Skin Analysis

Track Your

Face Skin Anaysis!
Keep a tab on the ‘before’ and the ‘after’, and analyse the results of the changes you are making to your skin. Watching your skin improve day after day will not only help you micro-manage your skin health, but also improve your confidence