How the pandemic popularised DIY skin & hair care

Pandemic was the worst nightmare for mankind. However, it also proved very helpful for skin enthusiasts as it brought a revolution. Bollywood Celebrities, while away from their work and locked at home, took this time to connect with their fans and share their beauty secrets. For all people who are social media savvy, it is a well-known fact that DIY skin and hair care was a trend at the peak. From Kareena Kapoor Khan to Raveena Tandon, Malaika Arora, and Bhagyashree, a number of celebrities shared secrets of DIY Skin & Haircare in Pandemic with their fans.

DIY Skin & Haircare in Pandemic

As Bollywood celebrities are the most inspiring personalities for many of us, this fueled up the aspirations of many to copy them and ensure flawless beauty standards. The best part was that most of this beauty and skin hacks used ingredients that were easily available at home and hence easy to use. The major ingredients that were promoted for enhanced beauty results included coffee, onion, amla, turmeric, and besan. This way, the DIY hacks for beauty and skin available on the internet were cost-effective and with no known side-effects. What started during the pandemic, the DIY skin and hair care trend is still fresh and admired by beauty enthusiasts.

It is a noteworthy fact that this wasn’t the first time when DIY skin and hair trends emerged on the internet. For several decades now, beauty bloggers and vloggers have emphasized the efficacy of DIY beauty hacks. In fact, there are certain dedicated YouTube and Instagram accounts that talk about skin and beauty DIY hacks only. The best part about the trend is that it does not promote using any costly item, nor does it demand any extra effort to boost beauty and flawlessness. People can scorch their kitchens and find the most amazing and effective skincare solutions.

DIY Skin & Haircare in Pandemic - Skin Beauty Pal

The pandemic-led lockdown was the best time for people to concentrate on their skincare requirements. The availability of the content online led them to experiment with easily available and harmless items and ensure amazing results. The availability of time contributed to the job and so did the great results.

Apps like Skin Beauty al also proved very helpful in ensuring safe skincare during the pandemic. The remote consultation feature offered a chance to users to connect with leading dermatologists and seek professional advice.

DIY skincare is a great way to achieve beauty and hair care goals. With the pandemic situation and easy-to-follow remedies, people liked using DIY tricks for skincare. Even today, more and more people rely on DIY and homemade skincare treatments and remedies.


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