How to care about your skin and health while fasting during Ramadan

The pious month of Ramadan is around the corner and we are all prepared for the fasting and festivities. As you indulge in the religious practice of Ramadan, we want to make an effort and help you have a healthy and safe Ramadan fasting. As the heat is already soaring and you will be fasting for long hours, it can take a toll on your skin hydration during Ramadan fasting. Dr. Pavithra shares some useful tips to help you take care of yourself and have the best experience this Ramadan.

Skin Hydration During Ramadan Fasting

Keep yourself hydrated

The key to healthy fasting is keeping yourself well hydrated. As you would be fasting on the water as well, it is important that you refill your water levels religiously. Drinking plenty of water and other fluids at the time of sehri can help you avoid dehydration. Low water levels can make you feel low on energy as well as lethargic. It can also affect the skin as the low water content in the body can make the skin cells weak and eventually die. To avoid dry and flaky skin, make sure you drink loads of water whenever it is allowed.

Avoid oil food as it dehydrates

Indulging in a wide range of delicacies is how Ramadan is celebrated. While it is great to cater to the needs of your taste buds, eating oily and fried food items can lower the water levels in the body. Avoid oily food as much as you can and make sure that you have the right energy levels and water levels that help you complete your fast for the day. 

Skin Hydration During Ramadan Fasting

Loads of Nutrition food and fruits

It is very important to be picky when choosing the food you eat during Ramadan. Dr. Pavithra suggests easing food items that are high in nutrients. Seasonal fruits and vegetables must be a core part of your diet. Dates are the recommend food as they offer you high energy. You can also eat watermelon, cucumber, muskmelon, and grapes as they are highly nutritional and healthy.

The month of Ramadan has long days of fasting. The lack of food can adversely affect your health and skin. With a little attention to what to eat and drink for skin hydration during Ramadan fasting, you can avoid loss of energy as well as maintain high hydration levels which helps you in enjoying Ramadan with glowing skin and flourishing health.

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