How to get rid of stretch marks?

Whether you have been pregnant or have lost a lot of weight, stretch marks are a common concern. Stretch marks are a type of scar that forms when the skin is stretched or shrank quickly and excessively. The collagen and elastin in our skin, the two core components which support the skin, rupture because of the sudden changes. When the skin starts to heal, it is then when stretch marks become visible.

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Hormonal changes also affect stretch marks and if you have a family history, you are more exposed to the risk of developing them. Some of the common times when stretch marks appear include:

  1. Puberty when growth is high
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Rapid weight loss
  4. Weight training for muscle gain

Remedies for stretch marks:

Stretch marks are scars and hence they are permanent in nature. However, there are some remedies that can make them less noticeable. These remedies include:

  1. Creams, lotions and gels for stretch marks

Although there is no one size fits all rule applicable to stretch marks treatment, different gels, lotions and creams can be effective for different people. A few tips from the top dermatologists for using these creams, gels and lotions as follows:

– Start applying the treatment on stretch marks early.

– Massage the product as more time massaging allows the product to get absorbed better.

– Maintain consistency and follow the same routine for several weeks.

  1. Home remedies:

There are also certain home remedies that claim to be effective in treating stretch marks. Massaging the stretch marks with almond oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, or vitamin E has proven benefits.

  1. Self-tanner:

Although tanning makes stretch marks more noticeable, there are self-tanner that have reverse effects. Self-tanners help in making both early and mature stretch marks less noticeable.

  1. Prescription medicine:

There are two ingredients that are proven to be effective in dealing with stretch marks.

– Hyaluronic acid

– Tretinoin

Tretinoin is very effective in making early stretch marks less noticeable while Hyaluronic acid has the same effect on both early and mature stretch marks.

  1. Dermatological treatment:

There are various dermatological treatments that can prove helpful. Some options include:

– Chemical peel

– Laser therapy

– Microdermabrasion

– Radiofrequency

– Ultrasound

The dermatologists will use one or a combination of these procedures to treat the stretch marks.

It is best to consult a dermatologist today and let them offer you the best way to get rid of stretch marks.

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