How to practice Yoga for stress relief?

One of the benefits of performing yoga regularly is stress relief. The combination of exercise and breath control performed in Yoga is responsible for stress regulation; providing clarity of mind, inner peace, and relaxation. With the benefits of yoga becoming known to people, more and more individuals are exploring Yoga for stress relief.

How to practice Yoga for stress relief?

We all are leading very stressful lives. By practicing yoga on a regular basis, you can work on your stress levels and enjoy inner peace and calmness. Let us explore how Yoga is one of the best stress-relieving practice:


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Yoga is a combination of slow and fast-moving exercises. Some of them are focused on stretching while others offer a complete body workout. When you perform yoga for stress relief, you adapt to a unique form of exercising, which freshen up your mind, body, and soul. The increase in the blood circulation makes your mind more alert and induces the secretion of good hormone which makes you feel happier and content.

Breathe control:

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A number of yogic exercises are focused on breathing techniques. As you inhale and exhale in a regulated manner, you get better control over your breathing which aids in stress relief. You will be amazed to know how deep breathing can be your tool to combat stressful situations very efficiently.


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Yoga poses like Savasana are targeted at helping individuals feel relaxed. As you spend time in poses that aids in relaxing the body, you feel its positive effects on your mind and soul. Yoga cleanses you physically, mentally, and spiritually and hence has great relaxation effects.

Best Yoga poses for stress-relief:

If you are dealing with high-stress levels in your life or ant to prevent stress, here are 5 yoga poses that you can practice on a regular basis:

  1. Eagle Pose:
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The pose demands focus on a single point and hence serves as a great stress management tool. It helps you engage your legs, hips, core, spine as well as shoulders.

  • Uttanasana:
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Extremely mind relaxing, nervous system balancing, and emotion promoting yoga poses, Uttanasana has great outcomes when practiced diligently. It helps you have better control over your emotions.

  • Balasana:
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Also known as child pose, this yogic exercise helps you relax your body and relax your adrenal glands.

  • Vajrasana:
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Besides making your digestive system efficient, Vajrasana also has calming and soothing effects on your mind and soul.

  • Savasana:
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As you lie on your back, relaxing your body, you feel the stress and heaviness go away from your body and mind.

Yoga is an incredible way to make your hectic life stress-free. Develop a yoga routine today and get relieved from the stress of life.


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