How to Stop 2nd Wave of Coronavirus?

How can you contribute towards stopping the deadly second wave of coronavirus?

The number of coronavirus infection cases are soaring at an alarming rate. Both state and central governments have been on their toes to manage the increased loads of infected cases as more and more demand for medical services has raised. In fact, in certain states, the station has gotten worse with a shortage of medicines, hospital beds, and ventilators. It is high time we pay attention to our deed and contributes to the prevention of the spread of the virus.

How to Stop 2nd Wave of Coronavirus?

What is the second covid wave and how lethal is it?

The second wave of coronavirus infection comes with the mutation in the virus. The government has now claimed that the double mutated Coronavirus is the reason behind the explosion of the infection. The second wave in India started somewhere around the end of March and on April 2, India recorded 713 deaths, the highest for the year 2021. The number of fatalities is growing significantly but the case fatality ratio (CFR), remains the same as the number of infected cases is rising simultaneously. Critical conditions have been reported in Maharashtra, Punjab, Delhi, and Pune.

The experts state that the virus has the same infection rate and the medical attention required remains the same. However, the way people treated the pandemic has changed and it is high time that we resume the older restrictions.

Prevent Covid-19 Second Wave

Our role in preventing coronavirus:

Each one of us plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of the virus. We need to follow the WHO protocol for protection against Coronavirus. While we all know what to do, a little brushing up is what we need right now to ensure safety against the virus.

  • Stay at home

Do not venture out of your home if it is not really important. Spend as much time at home as you can and protect yourself as well as your family. The more you roam freely, the more you are exposed to the virus.

  • Maintain social distance

If you have to step outside the house make sure you follow the social distancing rule. Maintain 6 feet distance from others when in public arrangements. The coronavirus cannot travel beyond 6 feet and hence when you maintain the distance, you are safe from its attack.

  • Wear a face mask

Coronavirus attacks the human body through nasal and oral fluids. When you wear a mask, you prevent spreading as well as catching the virus. The mask must be worn correctly and must be made of high-quality material which is breathable but does not allow the coronavirus strains to escape.

  • Wash your hands or use sanitizer

You must wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 minutes. If you do not have hand washing supplies handy, use a hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol concentration.

  • Get vaccinated

If you are eligible to get vaccinated, go ahead and get the first dose. As per the guidelines, get the second dose of the vaccine and immune yourself from the virus.

  • Seek medical help

If you are experiencing the symptoms of Coronavirus, do not waste any minute and reach out to a medical facility and get yourself checked. You may spread the virus to others if you do not get the medical attention at the right time.

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