Keeping your skin “Selfie-Ready”!

For an age group that loves to document everything, it is important for millennia’s to be on top of their selfie game. Having dull skin is a big no-no in pictures, particularly when one takes a selfie! Here are some tricks to faultless your selfie-look by keeping your skin beautiful — ensure these skincare basics are part of your daily routine for keeping your skin selfie-ready. Gear up to say cheese with the below tips to creating the ideal glowing skin, for #nofilter beauty.

Keeping your skin “Selfie-Ready”!
  1. Use facial masks: Face masks are awesome additions to any skincare routine to aim detailed skincare concerns. Natural masks can facilitate hydrate skin, remove excess oils, and help perk up the appearance of pores—while providing a soothing, spa-like experience while binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix.
  2. Eat the right kind of food: Want accurately fabulous skin — bright, vibrant, and, of course, younger-looking skin? Make sure you’re drinking copiousness amount of water and eating a healthy skin diet. Everything you eat becomes a part of your inner being as well as the appearance of your body as well. The healthier the foods are that you munch through, the better your skin will look and feel.
  3. Wash up after exercising and change your clothes: Ditch your soggy tees and tights. But should you shower after an intense workout? If you have the time and you’re able to, it’s an excellent idea to hop in. All that sweat from your workout will cause bacteria and yeast builds up, so if you don’t freshen up, you don’t wash those bugs off and may have an augmented risk of skin irritation and infection.
  4. Remove your make up: While most of us set aside a good amount of time in applying makeup on our face to look flawless, we time and again neglect to remove it after the day ends. Using water and face wash can be a safe bet to remove remains and prep your skin for a good night routine. The skin needs to breathe during the night. If you use just wipes and apply moisturizer, you might allow dirt into your pores and wake up with inflammation or blackheads.
  5. Beauty Sleep: Try and get 8 hours every night. If you don’t get enough shut-eye, your skin gets dull and tired – it could also sag and you may end up getting bags. So you don’t want to risk it.


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