One Week Skincare Challenges: Are you up for it?

Maintaining flawless skin is not easy. You need to be very active in taking care of your skin and ensuring that your skincare regimen is appropriate to your skin. This could be a big challenge but when you know what to do right, it would reap you great results.

The majority of people deal with skincare challenges, however, they do not willingly take up a challenge that promises them flawless skin. Yes, there are one week skincare challenges that guarantee you flawless and glowing skin at the end. All you need to do is, follow some simple rules for a week’s time and the rules work wonder on all kinds of skin. So, what do you do?

One Week Skincare Challenges - Skin Beauty Pal

Rule No 1:

Warm water first thing in the morning

If you want flawless skin, you need to have warm water the first thing in the morning. Working as a great detoxifying agent, warm water allows you to eliminate the toxins from the body. Moreover, warm water also improves digestion which directly affects the skin’s health.

Rule No 2:

15 minutes brisk walk

Exercise is important for the body and its effects on the skin are supreme. If you do not have much time to invest in exercising and workout, you can only invest 15 minutes. Walking for 15 minutes at a fast pace is a workout for your entire body. It boosts the metabolism, and the body has increased blood supply all over.

Rule No 3:

Eat one Citrus fruit in Breakfast daily

Citric acid boosts your immunity and it is also great for your skin. Adding a Citrus fruit to your breakfast every day results in great glowing skin.

Rule No 4:

Eat dinner before 7:30 pm

Whether you want to stay fit or get flawless skin, you need to limit the consumption of salt, especially at night. Salt can be the reason for unnecessary water retention in the body which can make the skin look puffy. It is thus a rule to eat your dinner before 7:30 pm every day.

Rule No 5:

Take a beauty sleep

When you sleep your beauty rejuvenates. You must take a good 7-8 hours of beauty sleep to ensure that you have the best skin in the entire world.

Rule No 6:

Aloe Vera Gel massage daily:

Finally, you must care for the moisture and suppleness of your skin and there is nothing better for it than Aloe Vera Gel. Take a generous amount of Aloe Vera gel and massage with it on your face for 15 minutes at least.

These rules make a wonderful challenge that helps you get flawless skin. Hope you take the one week skincare challenge fast and after a week, you look as fabulous as you wanted to be.


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