Promising Health and Wellness Trends of 2020

When it comes to fashion, fitness, nutrition, and well-being, as the seasons change, each new season brings along with it its new trends. While physical health will by no means go out of style, this year will be the year of mental & spiritual health. While many fitness trends have stayed steady over recent years, there is always room for modernization and innovation. We will see the health industry tapping more into tech, as well as the rising consumer want for only one of its kind experiences, personalization, and freedom.

Whether you have been into hardcore fitness or have been trying to meditate, these will be some of the trends to help you along your health and wellness journey. There are countless new and exciting health and wellness trends to keep us motivated and full of life, which ones do you find most interesting?

Mental Health For a very long time now we as a society have been ignoring the significance of mental health, but that merely isn’t the case anymore. Most of them are putting more of an importance on their minds being as fit as their bodies. They’re taking into thought how much using social media is impacting them, they’re journaling as part of their self-care practice, and they’re getting out into nature.

Nutrition and Plant-Based living – More and more people are realizing the remarkable benefits of plant-based living. And with the global environmental movement, vegan, vegetarian, and overall plant-based lifestyles are bound to be one of the major wellness trends this year.

Online fitness- With the whole lot from expert-led total-body workout apps to live-streamed fitness lessons, technology is entirely transforming online workouts. In between a demanding work schedule, a lockdown, a long commute, and changing weather, online workouts have a lot of benefits. On the whole, they’re extremely convenient, and we all agree that convenience is king! 

Slow living lifestyle – this lifestyle approach will focus on adapting a slower approach to various aspects of everyday life. Slow living is a mindful, deliberate, being aware, and organic way of life that aims to encourage balance, simplicity, wisdom, and lower stress.

Focusing more on sound sleep- A number of studies have exposed that sleep deprivation can cause depression, gloominess; anxiety apart from health consequences like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc. The trend from now on will be to value sleep, prioritize it, and get the most out of it.

Wearable technology – Smartwatches, activity trackers, sleep trackers — wearable tech is trending as people get eager to track all fitness facets of their lives. Having fitness-related data handy keeps us motivated to do more!


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