Remote Consultation with Dermatologist @ 50% discount, plus additional Special Package available exclusively for Skin Beauty Pal users

Beauty is something one must cherish to the best extent. While you might already have flawless skin, regular maintenance and care are imperative to maintain it the same way. The uniqueness of your skin color and type demands specialized care which cannot be achieved using old-wives tales formulas or just following the trending skincare cream. You need a personalized solution which you get only at Skin Beauty Pal.

Remote Consultation with Dermatologist - Skin Beauty Pal

Our continuous efforts are dedicated to helping you take care of your skin. Flawless skin not only makes you look attractive but it boosts your confidence to conquer several quests in your life. Healthy and clear skin is a big achievement that indeed helps you get greater success in life.

Remote Consultation with Dermatologist @ Skin Beauty Pal

One of the biggest hurdles that patients feel when consulting the doctor is a large number of resources they have to invest in the process. Especially in a time like the pandemic, every step that you take outside the house must be very meaningful. We feel your concerns and offer you a chance to connect with the leading dermatologists in India through our telemedicine. A combination of the video call, text, and image function. To make it further easier for you, we are happy to announce a 50% discount for your first use of our telemedicine.

Remote Consultation with Dermatologist: You can use code ‘REMOTE50’ and avail flat 50% discount on your first online consultation with the best dermatologists in India listed with the Skin Beauty Pal app.

Special Packages just for you:

We care for you and your skin and want you to have easy access to the best skin and hair treatments. Our Special Package Campaign is our sincere effort to make high-end skin treatments available to our users. The package has a wide range of skin treatments from leading dermatologists in India available at a discounted price.

The Special package comprises some of the highest quality treatments, including but not limited to PRP, Filler/ Botox, Acne Scar Treatment, Hyper Pigmentation Treatment, Laser Therapy, Anti-Ageing Treatment, Hair Transplant, Laser hair removal, Skin Tag Removal, PRP for face, PRP for hair fall, etc.

Book an appointment for remote consultation with dermatologist today and let the best dermatologists help you achieve your skin and beauty goals.


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