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Appearance, including beautiful skin and hair, is an important asset. It can help you to please your eyes and make it easier for you to obtain resources and success.

Inheritance plays a certain role in skin quality, hair, and appearance, but more importantly, it is the maintenance and correction effort day after day. Now scientific progress can indeed provide you with assistance in this regard.

Skin Beauty Pal helps you to consult your doctor from the comfort of your home

remote diagnosis and special package campaign

Perhaps because of the transportation time and the embarrassment of sitting with a group of people waiting for a doctor, you may avoid consulting a doctor. Then try out Skin Beauty Pal for remote consultation with dermatologist. In order to help you overcome the inconvenience of COVID, we especially provide you with a 50% discount for your first use of our telemedicine. It provides video call, text, and image functions.

Why not gift yourself for being more beautiful?

Why not use COVID to make you more beautiful? After the end of COVID, everyone is surprised at your attractiveness! These doctors know your expectations; provide you the various treatments at fabulously discounted prices. Please refer to the app contents. 

Enter the code ‘REMOTE50’ and Get a flat 50% Discount on online consultation with India’s top skin doctors amid the pandemic.

Online Consultation provided by Skin Beauty Pal has proved effective in a number of ways including:

  • Safe consultation:

Skincare demands consistency and the pandemic can prove lethal to your recovering skin. Remote diagnosis eliminates the risks of reaching to a dermatologist during a pandemic by offering virtual screening and consultation options.

  • Accurate diagnosis:

Thanks to the advanced technology at our disposal, the results of virtual diagnosis are as accurate as any other form. The dermatologists rely on AI-based techniques to evaluate the problem and conclude the core reason for any skin problem.

  • Supporting documents:

If required, the patients can also present the dermatologist with supporting documents such as images of the affected area, previous reports, medical history papers, and more and make the diagnosis more effective.

  • Convenience:

Getting an expert’s advice without stepping out of the house is something every patient would want. Now the patients can reach the experts at any time of the day as remote monitoring makes quality dermatology care available 24/7.

That’s not all! “Skin Beauty Pal” app offers a special package with discounts on various treatments most suitable for your skin & beauty needs.

Skin Beauty Pal has made it very easy to take care of your skin in the right manner and embrace flawlessness. 

New Special Package Campaign:

To further extend great service to the users, Skin Beauty Pal has come up with yet another special feature. The new Special Package Campaign launched by Skin Beauty Pal allows users to avail skin and beauty treatments from the leading dermatologists at a discounted price. The offers cover a wide range of services and make it possible for our users to get the highest quality of skincare and treatment at cheap price tags. 

Some of the many skin and beauty services/treatments offered under the package include:

PRP, Filler/ Botox, Acne Scar Treatment, Hyper Pigmentation Treatment, Laser Therapy, Anti-Ageing Treatment, Hair Transplant, Laser hair removal, Skin Tag Removal, PRP for face, PRP for hair fall, and many more.

You can reach out to expert dermatologists and seek medical advice for your problems. At the same time, you can avail beauty treatments at a very affordable rate. 

So book your appointment today!


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