Revamp your Skin this Women’s Day Because you Deserve to be Beautiful

Celebrating Women on any one day won’t be justified but because it is one today truly dedicated to the fearless, inspiring, multi-tasker and always on the toes women, we are here for you, celebrating the true spirit of being a woman.

A woman plays several roles in her life and not to mention, deliver her best every time. Women have their share of stress, concerns, worries, and happiness at every stage of their life. While everyone around you must be in awe of you, you also have the right to explore ways to appreciate yourself. This Women’s Day, Skin Beauty Pal celebrates womanhood and beings you a chance to revamp your skin and beauty. Why? Because YOU DESERVE IT!

So, what’s in the Special Package for our gracious women?

Well, our Special Package is our way to show our gratitude to our users, especially women. We combine great discounts on a variety of skin and hair treatments and make a package for you to revamp your skin. You can avail top-quality skin and hair treatments from the leading dermatologists around you at a discounted price. What can be a better day for you to care for yourself than Women’s Day?

As the world celebrates inspiring women, we too want you to get the best. Offering you our Special Package is our way to thank you for being yourself.

What’s included in the Special Package?

At Skin Beauty Pal, we care for you and work with the aim to make credible skin and hair treatments available for you with ease. The Special Package is a part of our continuous efforts to make quality skin and hair treatments easily accessible. You can avail a wide range of skin and beauty treatments from leading dermatologists at a discounted price.

Some key skin and hair treatment included in the Special Package are:


Work on those expression lines and the signs of ageing that you have got with filler/ Botox treatment. With the filler/ Botox treatment from expert dermatologists, you can get a younger looking face. Botox & fillers are safe options when administered by a credible dermatologist.


Whoever told you that acne scars are permanent, was wrong. Leading dermatologists associated with Skin Beauty Pal can offer you flawless skin with a wide range of effective acne scar treatments. From retinoid to topical creams rich in Lactic acid & Alpha hydroxyl acids, dermabrasion to chemical peels, Laser resurfacing to Fillers, and Micro-needling, the best dermatologist will recommend you the best way to treat those acne scars.


Want even and flawless skin, you can trust the Hyper Pigmentation Treatment offers by the dermatologists at Skin Beauty Pal. The dermatologist will prescribe a Lightening cream, Face Acids, Retinoid, Chemical Peels, Skin resurfacing, Intense Pulse Light Therapy, Microdermabrasion, Dermabrasion and more as per your condition.


Laser therapy for skin is a great way to ensure smooth, supple and beautiful skin. The dermatologists are offering a great discount on laser therapy for skin and hair.


You deserve to look young forever, the Anti-ageing treatments from Skin Beauty Pal’s dermatologists ensure you have young and bright-looking skin. The dermatologists offer a wide range of anti-ageing treatments including Botulinum Toxin Therapy, Dermabrasion, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing, Dermal Fillers and more.


Hair loss can be the worst nightmare for you. Thankfully with Hair transplant treatments, you can get a perfect hairline easily. The dermatologists associated with Skin Beauty Pal are experts in offering hair transplant treatments. And now it is available at a discount!


Get rid of unwanted hair on the body and face. The discounted laser hair removal treatment makes it easy for you to achieve flawless skin with no unwanted hairs.

The special package also includes Skin Tag removal treatment, PRP for the face, and PRP for hair fall treatments. Download the Skin Beauty Pal app today and this Women’s Day, let’s begin the journey towards healthy and flawless skin.


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