Say Goodbye to Wrinkles; Anti-Aging Tips from Dermatologists

Wrinkles are one of the most common signs of ageing. They are caused when the skin becomes loose and stretchy because of the old age. Many times, wrinkles can also appear on the skin of younger people, a condition known as premature ageing. Whatever be the reason, dealing with wrinkles is important if you want to cherish young-looking skin and there is no better way to that than reaching out to the dermatologists to get the best natural anti-ageing tips.

Tip- 1: Use Retinol and other Retinoid rich products

Retinol is an answer to a myriad of beauty concerns including wrinkles. A preform of Vitamin A, Retinol is known for boosting cell turnover, enhance collagen production, and also addresses issues like skin tones, sun spots, and fine lines. The dermatologist can prescribe you a retinol rich medication which will help fight the wrinkles.

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles; Anti-Aging Tips from Dermatologists

Tip-2: Level up the SPF game:

One of the biggest reasons why you have wrinkles at a young age is exposure to the sun. The UVA/UV rays, free radicals in the air cause significant skin damage as well as premature ageing. By using a hi-end sunscreen with a respectable SPF is thus recommended by dermatologists.

Tip -3: Take a break from your skincare routine

It is very understandable that you enjoy taking care of your skin, however, while you indulge in a skincare routine, make sure you also take breaks every now and then. Keep a day in your routine when you only apply cleanser and moisturizer on your face.

Tip-4: Be easy on your eyes

Too much eye makeup is not good and removing the same is also very hurtful. Yes, you need to be extra precautions while removing your eye makeup as it can hurt the skin around the eyes.

Tip 5: Anti-wrinkle treatment

Dermatologists suggest that dermatology wrinkle treatment is actually a great way to deal with premature ageing signs. Laser skin resurfacing, Light Source and radiofrequency treatments, chemical peels, dermabrasion and microdermabrasion and Botox are a few treatment options popularly availed by patients. However, before the dermatologist prescribes any treatment, they need to diagnose your skin type and determine the best treatment for you.

Having wrinkles on the face can make you embarrassed, make sure you reach out to the best dermatologist who offers you the best treatment for your ageing issues.


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