Try New Skin Beauty Pal App Features: Step Counter & Water Intake Reminder

October 2020 – Skin Beauty Pal App, launched new features for its users i.e. step counter & water intake reminder.

We all have struggled with a variety of skin problems and have different stories to tell. From acne to pigmentation and hypersensitive skin issues, different skin problems keep us surrounded the year and the right care is the best way to keep things contained. However, when the extent of skin problems is far beyond manageable, it is expert advice that helps us get over with the problem. If your busy schedule is keeping you away from availing expert consultation for your skin problem, you have got a digital solution with Skin Beauty Pal.

Skin Beauty Pal New Features - Step Counter & Water Intake Reminder

What is Skin Beauty Pal App?

Skin Beauty Pal is an AI-based app that has carved its unique position in the current market for skin and personal care. Befitted with loads of features, the app serves as a one-stop solution for your skin and beauty concerns. The app allows you to connect with the leading dermatologists in India and seek medical advice for your unique skin problems.

The Skin Beauty Pal App Features include:

  • AI-based selfie assessment
  • Sunburn time calculation
  • Air quality update
  • Blogs and articles
  • Graphic skin health reporting and more

New features: Step Counter & Water Intake Reminder

After establishing its empire, Skin Beauty Pal has further introduced two new features- Step Counter & Water Intake Reminder

Step Counter 🚶

A fit body is key to skin health. Skin Beauty Pal’s newest feature Step Counter allows the users to keep a track of their physical activity. It keeps a record of the steps a user walks throughout the day and also offer information like calories burned. Users can set their fitness goals and keep track of them using the feature.

Water Intake Reminder 🥛

Enough emphasis has been given to staying hydrated. Skin Beauty Pal becomes a partner of its users in ensuring the right intake of water with its Water Intake Reminder feature. This newly introduced feature allows the user to set a reminder for water consumption and stay hydrated as per the requirements of the individual body.

The app is an extraordinary way to maintain your skin and health and further with its new features, it has become a wholesome aid you need to embrace flawless skin and beauty.


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Nice features, both the features are very useful for the users

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