Skin Beauty Pal makes to the list of Torchbearers of Vocal for Local by the Forbes India Magazine

The Forbes India Magazine released its July Edition titled as the List of Torchbearers of Vocal for Local by Forbes India. The magazine curated a list of the top innovators and startups in India for promoting the Made in India motto of the Government of India.

The utilization of local resources including local manufacturing capabilities, raw materials, labor, skills as well as the supply chain is the top priority of the Prime Minister. Several innovative businesses in India are adhering to the norms and utilizing the local resources to the best of their potential and achieving international fame for Indian businesses.

The marquee plays a key role in diverting the focus towards the Indian manufacturing sector. The contribution of the top innovators and startups in establishing India on the global map and promoting the use of local manufacturing, local markets, and local supply chains.

List of Torchbearers of Vocal for Local by Forbes

Grant Kuo, the founder of the Skin Beauty Pal app got featured in the list of the top Indian leaders with great potential for Vocal for Local. Skin Beauty Pal app has contributed significantly to digitalizing the skincare industry in India and also makes quality skincare available for one and all. Mr. Kuo’s efforts to gain international recognition for Indian beauty products, practices, and capabilities were recognized by Forbes India. Grant made the first-ever AI-based skincare app in India that aids in deciphering the skin conditions more accurately and hence eliminating guesswork.  The app has utilized local resources optimally and recorded more than 1 lakh downloads so far. 

As an indigenously developed app under the leadership of Grant, Skin Beauty Pal has taken very important steps towards establishing business ties with Taiwan. Grant explains that for him IT in Information Technology stands for India & Taiwan collectively working to achieve greater goals in the industry.

As the skincare app matures and becomes more enriched, Grant aims to take it to the international market, a significant call for the ‘Vocal for Local’ and ‘Local for Global’ mantra.

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