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Do you love your breakfast full of eggs? Well, you will be excited to know that your favorite breakfast ingredient is also a great source for skin benefits. Yes, eggs are one of the key ingredients of Korean beauty products which have become so popular nowadays. However, to take the benefits of eggs for skin, you do not have to rely on these products only as several homemade ways are there that help you exploit the benefits of eggs for the skin.

The key benefits of eggs for skin include:

Skin Benefits of Eggs - Skin Beauty Pal

Eggs have two key components that are known for their miraculous effects on the skin. Protein and Collagen are the primary components of egg that offer a range of benefits including the ability to fight inflammation, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Moreover, egg white has over 18 essential amino acids which are a myriad of benefits for the skin as well as the body. The collagen content of eggs is also very high as the magical element is present in the shell membrane, yolk as well as in the egg white.

Some of the key benefits of eggs for skin include:

  • It improves the texture of the skin, rejuvenating the growth of new cells while repairing the existing ones.
  • The repair and new cell generation ensures that the skin is healthy, supple, and flawless.
  • It helps fight signs of ageing including wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots.
  • It helps in maintaining oily skin as the albumin content boosts pore tightening and maintains healthy skin.
Skin Benefits of Eggs

How to use egg for skin benefits?

There are many ways you can use egg for skin benefits including:

  • Egg + lemon juice

Take an egg white and whisk it. Add 1 tsp of fresh lime juice and beat it again. Apply it on your face with the help of a cotton ball. It will help in handling open pores.

  • Egg+ Yogurt

Mix an egg and 1 tsp fresh yogurt and apply the paste as a mask on your face. Let it dry and wash with lukewarm water.

  • Egg+ honey

Mix one egg with 1/2 tsp of honey. Beat it to form a uniform paste. Apply it on your face and let it dry then wash off with lukewarm water.

An egg is as beneficial for your skin as it is for your overall health. Include eggs in your diet as well as in your beauty regimen and see how it offers you a myriad of benefits.


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