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In the hot summers, beautiful and bright skin is a goal that many people dream of having. However, they always feel powerless when it comes to skin whitening and overall maintenance.

Skin Enhancement Plan – Skin Whitening, Spots, and Pigmentation

In the hot summers, beautiful and bright skin is a goal that many people dream of having. However, they always feel powerless when it comes to skin whitening and overall maintenance. Why do you apply a mask every day as well as skin whitening products only to not see any improvement in the black spots and dark skin on your face?

A thorough understanding of the root causes of skin problems can help lead you to effective ways of skincare enhancement plans. 

Skin enhancement plans

Causes for the formation of skin pigmentation and dark spots can be roughly divided into the following five kinds:

  1. Ultraviolet radiation: The ultraviolet radiation from the sun is a significant threat to the skin. The epidermal melanocytes in the skin produce melanin and enhance the skin’s ability to resist ultraviolet light. When the metabolism of melanin is abnormal, and it cannot be discharged in time, the skin becomes dull, or can even form spots such as dark spots, sun spots, and age spots.
  2. Genetic or natural factors: The inheritance of chromosomes is also one of the causes of long spots, such as freckles. Freckles appear on the cheeks and nose. There are also many kinds of small spots of a brownish-black color. Congenital spots, such as ota Nevus Otto mother spots and coffee milk spots are inherent to skin pigmentation too. 
  3. Female hormones: Women, in the first two weeks of the physiological period, or during pregnancy, are prone to developing dark spots on the skin. Also, taking birth control pills can lead to the formation of dark spots because of the relationship between lutein. 
  4. Poor living and maintenance habits: Work stress, poor sleep quality/cycles, irregular work schedules, and/or unbalanced intake of nutrients, will cause endocrine disorders, reduce skin metabolism, and thereby accelerate the formation of spots. Excessive skin cleaning habits can also irritate the skin, making it sensitive and causes skin pigmentation, including spots and blemishes on the skin. 
  5. Improper use of skin care products or cosmetic products: The improper use of cosmetic makeup/products or some metal components in the products can further cause the formation of dark spots on the skin. 

How to improve skin pigmentation and eliminate dark spots with skin enhancement plan?

  1. Strengthen sunscreen: The first step to improving any type of skin problem is to do a good job when it comes to sun protection. UV is a skin killer, and if you need to expose your skin to the sun for long periods, do not forget to use a good sunscreen. Also, make sure to choose the right sunscreen products for your skin. 
  2. Ample sleep and a balanced diet: Vitamin C and Vitamin E are considered to be the best antioxidants for your skin. They can eliminate melanin precipitation, and are water-soluble, easy to metabolize, and are resistant to UV rays and free radicals. For whitening, anti-wrinkle, and anti-aging, Vitamin A is a good helper.
  3. Choose the right skin whitening products: When using skin-whitening products, it is important to follow the usage instructions and the timings of the application carefully. Whitening products containing acid ingredients are recommended for use at night. Additionally, you can choose effective whitening ingredients such as citric acid, arbutin, and tranexamic acid.
  4. Cosmetic/Medical treatment: Various skin whitening products can help in whitening some spots on the skin. But if some spots don’t disappear with skin whitening and other skincare products, you can opt for medical/beauty/cosmetic/professional treatment by a dermatologist/cosmetologist to help get rid of dark spots. The effects of cosmetic/medical treatment for dark spots are sometimes better than other treatment methods. 
  5. Picosecond Laser: Suitable for shallow spots and concaves; can solve spots, pores, and other disturbing skin problems. 
  6. Cleansing lasers: Improve uneven skin tone, remove sunburn, and freckles. 
  7. Microdermabrasion: Treats age spots effectively, but will lead to open wounds after, which need to be protected by artificial skin.
  8. Pulsed light: Improves freckles, sun spots, reduces fine lines, and aids in whitening. 
  9. Physician-prescribed skin whitening ointment
  10. AHA skin peeling: Done regularly can help in the maintenance of different types of skin spots too. With so many different skin treatment strategies, be sure to consult a skin specialist to help you choose the best way to improve your skin’s dark spots. 

You can apply the simple “Weekly Free Plan” provided by our app. In addition to providing easy-to-follow recommended steps, it will automatically remind you every day at the time you set. Or you can use our app’s “Remote Consult feature” talking to the dermatologist for consultation in more detail.

During this skin enhancement plan process of improving your skin’s moisture levels. If there is any doubt, or if your situation worsens, stop the above immediately and consult a doctor.


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