Men’s Skincare Basics: Caring for and Maintaining Skin Through Ayurveda

Unlike the conventional approach, men’s skin is exposed to a range of problems, just like women’s. While there has been enough debate on whether men’s skincare should be a topic to discuss, it indeed gives a valid reason to be discussed and talked about. Besides, there are significant differences between the skin of a man and woman that makes skincare routine entirely different for men. As we believe that Ayurveda is the best way to care for any type of skin naturally, we dedicate this post to offering an Ayurveda skincare routine to men to care for and maintain their skin. 

How is men’s skin different from women’s?

It is proven by several Dermatological and hormonal research that hormones are one of the core factors affecting skin’s health. The hormone in the body affects the thickness, stricture, tectum, smoothness, oil secretion, and several other health aspects of the skin. 

As the male body has Testosterone and the androgenic male hormones, it affects the skin, making it coarser and thicker than women. The collagen structure is also different and as are cross-links in men’s skin, men’s skin sags less as compared to women. 

The change in hormone levels can make men’s skin oily and cause acne. 

What are the common men’s skincare problems?

There are several unique men’s skincare problems that our dermatologists attend to every day. First and foremost, Ayurveda highlights the Pitta Dosha, which is the cause of several skin problems in men. The first effect is unbalanced and high sebum production, which induced the production of open pores, that too large in size.

Secondly, there are more hair follicles which means more oil production and finally problems of acne. The skin also has a coarse structure and thickness which further give dirt and pollutants a hiding place. 

How to care for and maintain men’s skin with Ayurveda?

The biggest problem is that men do not know that they have to be attentive to their skin’s requirements. Here is a skincare routine based on Ayurveda that must be followed by every man religiously.

1. Cleansing is important, preferably with cold water combined with a gentle and skin appropriate facewash. 

2. Keep rosewater handy with you to soothe the irritated skin throughout the day. 

3. To balance the Pitta dosh, men should use a nourishing skin oil and not any thick moisturizers. 

4. A healing pack once a week is recommended to let the skin rejuvenate. 

5. Be attentive to the Pitta dosha and ensure that the skin is well balanced.

This is the Ayurveda approach to take care of men’s skin. 


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