Skincare and Ageing

Age is a beautiful change gifted by Almighty. One has to accept it with open hands. Certain care and use of cosmetics can keep it young and can help to diminish the signs of aging. Wrinkle creams, eye serums, and other skincare products can help in it. The benefits of healthy skincare habits include:

  1. Prevention from blotchy complexion.
  2. Retain skin’s youthful firmness for longer period.
  3. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. Keep complexion brighter and younger.
  5. Leathery skin can be avoided.

Anti-aging skincare tips:

  1. Use the right cleanser for your skin type: the healthiest skin is always clean, so make sure you are using a facial cleanser appropriate for your skin type. Always try to look for one that removes dirt beneath the surface but not oil. As age grows up, generally skin becomes dry so always try to use cleanser having moisturizer base or salicylic acid.
  2. Daytime serum with antioxidants: antioxidants- specifically Vitamin C and E- work brilliantly. Quality antioxidants will help to repair and prevent further skin damage.
  3. Serum spiked with a retinol at night: save Vitamin C for mornings. A daily glass of freshly squeezed orange juice will work. Vitamin A is good for the skin. Retinol is rather strong but before the start, one should take recommendations especially if you have sensitive skin.
  4. Moisturize as often as needed during the day: after serum dries, apply a healthy coat of hydrating moisturizer to your skin. Oil protection slows down after the age of 40 yrs. So, you will need to replenish skin from the outside more frequently.
  5. Make sure to wear SPF: use of good SPF is the ultimate tool to prevent any further damage or signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Some sunscreens may actually help to reverse the signs of aging too.
  6. Night cream: while shopping for new skincare, find a night cream best suited to your skin. Moisturizer tends to be a bit heavier which helps to seal in moisture while you snooze. The night cream works eight hours of beauty sleep.
  7. Use of eye cream and facial oil: good eye cream and facial oils give extra nourishment to the skin. It helps in constricting blood vessels to reduce puffy bags in the morning.
  8. Skip processed food and sugar: your food plays a vital role to nourish your skin. After the age of 40yrs, try to cut sugar and junk food from your regular meals. You will feel a huge difference in your skin.
  1. Weekly mask: apply mask weekly which contains a formula designed specifically to the firm, brighten, lift or smooth the skin complexion.
  2. Care of hands: hands are the sneaky secret give away to age. Use a crazy hydrating hand cream along with a daily coating of SPF to keep things smooth and protected. If you use cuticle oil around your nail beds, it will fortify nails and keep skin from ripping.
  3. Age spots and skin lightener: age spots are also known as hyperpigmentation. If we don’t use SPF on our skin regularly, it has been noticed that dark masks start appearing on your skin which means melanin has been stuck up in your skin. Regular use of anti-aging creams and face wash will be beneficial in such cases.
  4. Exfoliate regularly but gently: removing the dead cells is a process to keep skin clean and the lymphatic system moving. Use a gentle gel-based to exfoliate once a week. Make sure to never over scrub; you will trigger the overproduction of oil.
  5. Skincare products: take a closer look at the ingredient label when you are stocking up on beauty products. It should have required moisturizer, anti aging agents, gentle scrubs, SPF.
  6. Products with AHA: another great ingredient to look out for is AHA- Alpha Hydroxy Acid which is generally found in peels and other surfacing products. Glycolic and lactic acids are often used to peel up the skin. These chemicals exfoliants are different than scrubs as they are harsh, so use only a little dose.

There are many more points that can be discussed on this type of skin which will be surely discussed in the upcoming articles.



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