Skincare During Corona Pandemic with Dr. Shubha Dharmana

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, enough emphasis has been given to washing hands more frequently and in the right way. It is one of the key ways to prevent contamination and ensure safety and well being. However, one important aspect of infection prevention has been side-lined and it is taking care of your skin.

Washing hands frequently and with a lot of soap can rip off the moisture level. The result is dry skin with a lot of cracks and peels. 

Moreover, as you keep inside the premises of your house, it is quite possible that the monotony of life makes you ignorant towards the right skincare routine. The results can be disastrous, leading to a range of problems.

Dr. Shubha Dharmana, an expert dermatologist states that while you are home quarantining yourself to aid in flattening the curve, it is a perfect opportunity of skincare during corona.

Prevent dry skin:

One of the first things that Dr. Dharmana emphasizes is prevention from dry skin. She says that dryness makes your skin the breeding grounds for a range of skin problems. From eczema to peels and cracks and more, dryness can lead to a range of skin problems. It is important that we maintain moisture in our skin. This applies for both hands and face. After you wash your hands and face, make sure you apply a skin appropriate moisturizer. As the monsoon season is in a full spree, using a subtle moisturizer is recommended to avoid perspiration.

Make sure you cleanse and exfoliate:

Staying at home and the consistent worry at work front can make anyone stressed. Stress can take a toll on your health, including your skin. Too much stress can affect the hormone levels in your body which show up on your skin. Cleansing and exfoliating will ensure that you prevent any major breakthrough of acne, dryness, and allow your skin to breathe.

Stick to a skincare routine:

Stick to a skincare routine

Depending on your skin type you need to have a set skincare routine. Do not become lazy and let go of your regimen. In fact, you have enough time to focus on your skin needs. Nourish your skin with homemade masks. Multani mitti, gram flour, and oatmeal-based masks are great for monsoon skincare practices.

Consult with an expert:

Dr. Dharmana clarifies that no skin condition must be ignored. If you have any skin problem, you can reach out to a credible dermatologist and seek medical advice. A virtual skin consultation is the best way to reach your dermatologist. The dermatologist will evaluate your skin condition and offer you the best treatment.


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