Skincare tips for flawless karwachauth glow

One of the much-awaited and most celebrated days for ladies, Karwachauth is around the corner. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the festivities can be observed in the market and off course the beauty salons where ladies shop and get prepared for the big day. While we advise taking the necessary precaution while roaming outside, we also want our beautiful ladies to look flawless. And as we know, the secret to a beautiful looking lady is her flawlessly glowing skin. So, today we have come up with 7 awesome skincare tips that will help you impress your love all over again with your agelessly glowing skin.

Get Flawless Karwachawth Glow
  • Level up your water intake:

Hydration makes a lot of difference to your skin. You must drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day to stay hydrated and let your skin naturally glow. The more water you consume, the more toxins your body releases and the better illuminating your skin becomes.

  • Make best friends with Rosewater:

Rosewater is the best for cleaning and washing the face. You can also make a homemade rose water mist. Refrigerate rose water and spray it on your face at regular intervals. This will eliminate dirt from your face.

  • Green tea is great:

Quit caffeine for some time and instead start taking green tea. Caffeine can leave your body devoid of moisture. It is recommended to enjoy green tea which is great for the skin and also gives you a lot of anti-oxidants.

  • Baby oil for face:

Massaging the face with baby oil will make it supple as it boosts muscle relaxation. Using baby oil is great because it has limited chemicals.

  • Be attentive to your eyes:

Do you know that your eyes are the major contributor to your beauty? Well, yes, you must take care of them if you want to look flawless. Besides having great sleep you must also use eye creams and serum for keeping them healthy and fit.

  • Stick to your routine:

You must not experiment with skincare products and treatments around Karwachauth days. In case a treatment did not suit you, you may have to bear the consequences.

  • Honey and milk mask:

If you want to have glowing skin, there is nothing better than a honey and milk facemask. It suits all types of skins and is easy to make.

These are 7 wonderful skin care tips to try now and have a wonderful glow on your face this karwachauth.


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