The Relationship Between Exercise & Skin ~ Dr. Shubha Dharmana

Exercising is the best way to stay fit but do you know it is also a secret behind glowing and flawless skin. Yes, the relationship between exercise and skin is very direct. The more you are active, the more flawless skin you will have. There are many advantages of regular exercise for skin and this article has them in detail:

regular exercise for skin
  1. Regular exercise helps your skin regenerate:

When you lead an active lifestyle, you enable your body to function at its best which means that all the muscles and cells in your body are functioning at their highest capacity. This is how the cells regenerate faster, including the skin cells. The dead skin cells are replaced with new ones, ensuring great skin health.

  1. Boosts thickness and elasticity:

Irrespective of what your age is, as soon as you start exercising, you can feel an immediate change in your skin. Regular exercise promotes the health and wellness of skin cells and the result is better thickness and elasticity. If you want to naturally age, exercise gives your skin the right effects at the right time.

If you are wondering what elasticity has to do with the skin’s health, you must note that higher elasticity means that the skin gets back to its original condition easily after being stretched. Because our skin loses elasticity as we age, exercising is a great way to prevent it.

  1. Toning effects:

If you indulge in strength training exercises like Yoga, Pilates, TRX, and more, you can easily attain a great posture including better flexibility and movement. This means that your entire body’s skin is more functional and flexible.

  1. Natural glow:

When you end a long exercise session, you must have noticed a great glow on your face. This glow is the result of the increased blood pressure level in your body. The enhanced blood flow ensures that sufficient nutrients and oxygen is supplied to the various skin cells in your body while you are exercising.

  1. Fight signs of ageing:

If you want to work on the common signs of ageing including wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and skin bags, you must focus on your face. There are plenty of face exercises that you can perform to maintain a youthful presence. You can lift the face, laugh out loud, and do a range of eyebrow lifting exercises.

  1. Riddance from toxins:

When you are regular with your workout, you give your body a boost to perform well. The body flushes out toxins more efficiently than before means you are free from the side-effects of a toxic body.

Regular exercise can reap you a lot of benefits. So pick your favorite workout and let’s get started.


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