World Environment Day🌎: Protect the Environment and Enjoy a Healthy Skin

World Environment Day is observed across the world on June 5 with the move of making people more aware of the depleting environmental conditions. It is a strategic vehicle used by the United Nations to encourage people to take action to prevent the increasing pollution in the country and the harms being done to the forests, farmlands, flora, and fauna of all kinds. It is notable that the environment affects our skin significantly and can be responsible for both good and bad health of the skin. The higher exposure to pollution in the environment the more adversely you are hit.

World Environment Day: Protect the environment and enjoy a healthy skin

How pollution in the air affects your skin?

The dust in the polluted air can clog your skin pores and make them breeding grounds for bacteria. This can soon turn into an acne and spot problem and can affect the natural skin protection mechanism significantly. The barrier function of the skin when adversely hit by air pollution results in collagen and lipids breaking down, leaving your skin all dull and unhealthy. A high pollutant rate in the air can also cause rip off the oil from your skin and leave it dry and flaky.

Pollution is also considered to cause irritation, rashes, and breakouts. Especially in highly polluted areas, more people suffer from skin problems including irritation, acne, pimples, dark spots, and more.

How to handle the effects of pollution on the skin?

It is of utmost importance that you take protective steps towards the environment. Planting more trees, and minimizing your carbon footprint would be your contribution to disrupting environmental conditions. However, to protect your skin against the pollutants already present in the environment, you should take the following steps.


Be attentive to the nourishment of your skin. The compromised skin barrier can invite a lot of problems for you. It is recommended for you to ensure you replenish the lost nutrients in the skin with the right products. Try and use chemical-free and natural products.

World Environment Day


Use a skincare product that helps you prevent skin damage and at the same time pulls out harmful toxins and pollutants. There are many organic products available of this kind.

Deep clean

Once or twice a week, indulge in a deep skincare routine. Cleanse and scrub your skin to get rid of dirt, pollutants, and dead skin.


Finally, fill in the lost nutritional and water level with a high-quality, chemical-free, and reliable moisturizer.

It is recommended to do your bit to protect the environment. This World Environment Day let us pledge to do our bit in protecting the environment and enjoy the good effects of a healthy environment for our skin.

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