Generate Buisness & Expand Reach

One-click skin analysis, anytime, anywhere!

Easy to read and graphical representation of skin issue triggers the patients' emotions and creates the need for action.


AI Skin Analysis

To see is to believe!

The app offers high-performance skin measure analysis for pores, color uniformity, spots, wirnkles, skin smoothness, and dark circles.

Easily invites new clients by app

Leverage word of mouth!

E-commerce embedded in the app

Buying emotions without barriers!

Feature-rich e-commerce system in the app with a conversion-friendly interface guarantees sales. Powerful tools add sellable categories

Advanced coupon & membership programs for patients.

Promote new technologies & equipment at your clinic

Establishing an efficient last-mile connection with your patients.

Attract both new and existing patients by embedded blogs, targeting push-notes, and attractive app bannres.

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Increase Follow-up frequency

Increase the revisit rate 30% higher for patients who need asecond consult or a follow-up.


Re-visit management

Boost revisit rate, thus business

Automatically remind your patients and the followup tools for your receptionist.

Sort Tags and send personalized Push Notes

Personalize the way you communicate.

Increase the revisit rate 30% higher for patients who need asecond consult or a follow-up.

Engage and retain patients for Cosmetology

The world-class best practices of Cosmetologists.

Membership management system, ticketing system, and more to boost patient retention in cosmetology.

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Enhance productivity and optimize business strategy

Record a minimum of 25% surge in productivity.


Boost productivity and business

Productivity implies more money!

Automatic Appointment system, EMR, Billing, Inventory management, the doctor's dedicated app, and even an in-built client tutorial, save you time and effort.

Leverage the power of Big Data

Analyse, assess, and decide!

A completely integrated total solution for you. Powerful business analysis function by Big Data to optimize your overall growth.

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Enhanced data security


Exclusive accessibility with direct contact

No one can take away your clients inappropriately!

The system ensures patients stick to one doctor. With the direct contact option in the system, the patient always reaches you and not any other doctor.

Data Security

Because 'Patient Privacy' is crucial!

Best encryption tech for data security (SSL/TSL) with Amazon Cloud. API keys and OAuth for Secure Access, Smart Rate limiting, and Firewall to curb hacking and data leaks.

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Total clinic mangement with Modularized selections

Record a minimum of 25% surge in productivity.


Convenient Billing

Manage your patient bills & pharmacy bills together in 1 single platform.

Pharmacy & Inventory management

Manage inventory flow, re-order level & much more..

Modularized structure for efficacy

Convenience of use with choice of modules

Choose a module that best caters to your needs. A range of modules available for different business needs which can be upgraded anytime.

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Our Solutions

Same price level but much more powerful values!


Own App + Branding

AI Skin Analysis

Free Push-Note pormotion for sorted users

E-commerce + coupon in app

Online consultaion by app

Auto appointment


Customer Biling

Inventory Managemnet

Membership and Retention tools

Buisness analysis with big data

Enhanced data security












































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