Skin Beauty Pal app is the first-ever Indian AI-based skincare app. It is the result of the innovation of established and qualified industry leaders, doctors, dermatologists, and experts. The team at Digital Doctor Pvt Ltd succeeds to make pioneering innovations using futuristic technology with a human touch. Understanding the need for a reliable, easy to access and personalised Indian beauty app in India, the founders worked hard to innovate the app that offers a one-stop answer to the skin and beauty queries of the Indian population.

AI technology-based Indian beauty app

Established in 2017, Digital Doctor Pvt Ltd is a Taiwanese multinational company specializing in IT support, game application and app development. We constantly improve the quality to serve our clients better by the usage of modern technology, timely and quality deliveries and experienced workforce. Our new AI based skin care app -Skin Beauty Pal is here to discover healthy, happy and flawless skin.
Your one stop-shop for the most advanced skin care services, useful daily skin care tools and much more. Say good-bye to issues like acne, dark- spots, pimples, dull-skin, pigmentation etc and get access to the most fine-looking skin you always wanted. This skincare app offers you a plethora of features and skincare assistance all in one place. We understand how complex skin problems can be and the limited information available with the common users, make the situations even worse. With Skin Beauty Pal, the first-ever customization focused beauty app in India, we aim to make quality skincare and treatments available to one and all.

Find a customized way to take care of your skin

Know your skin type, identify skin concerns and work on skin enhancement in a customized way. Skin Beauty Pal is a leading personalized skincare app that understands your skin and offers you the best advice. We have a team of expert dermatologists on board, readily available to answer your queries and offer you affordable skin and hair treatments. Take an appointment with the experts online and enjoy remote consultation through the skincare app.

  • Know your skin
  • Measure skin score
  • Find dermatologist
  • Avail remote consultation
  • Free Skin Enhancement Plan
  • Verified skin blogs and articles

Management Team

Grant Kuo

  1. MD, MediaTek India Advisor, Chairman office, MediaTek --> MD, MediaTek India
  2. VP and Taiwan GM, Lan Research
  3. Chief Administration Officer, United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC)
  4. HR & Quality VP, and Sales Head of Telecommunication Industry, HP Taiwan

Advisor Board

Arun Gupta

  1. CEO and Founder of MoMagic Technologies, Funded by MediaTek and Foxconn.
  2. Former Sales/Marketing Head, MediaTek India

Amy Chen

  1. Dermatologist, CharMai Beauty Specialty Clinic, Taiwan
  2. Dermatologist, Taipei ZenAi Hospital, Taiwan
  3. Certified Dermatologist, Taiwan R.O.C