Real Time Weather App

Mold your skincare routine according to the change in the weather. Stay updated on Real-time Weather and care of your skin the right way. The real-time weather app keeps you posted on the change of temperature levels, humidity and check pollution for skincare.

Why use a real-time weather app?

Beat the weather blues with finesse! The UV index SPF calculator allows you to know how the sun can harm your skin. Get updates on temperature levels and humidity to choose the right skincare routine as a change in weather affects your skin. Know what suits you the best in the present weather with real-time weather updates. Additionally, the app offers updates for humidity, change in temporary and feature to check pollution for skincare.

Why it is important?

The UV rays in the sunlight can affect the skin in many adverse ways. From sunburn to skin cancer, the UV rays can damage the skin cell, making them die and cancerous. With a sunscreen UV calculator by Skin Beauty Pal, you can calculate the UV rays in the sun and choose the right sunscreen protection with a reminder feature. While it is always advised to use sunscreen on your skin. You need to update the SPF as per the UV rays in the sun.

With the UV Calculator, you can calculate the UV and pick the right SPF protection. You can also check AQI for skincare and choose appropriate products.

Download Skin Beauty Pal today and use the real-time weather update feature!

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