An AI That Cares For Your Skin

Don't lose touch with your skin in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Skin Beauty Pal is a wholesome personalized skincare app, powered by AI and driven by friendship. It is designed to let you connect with your skin, analyse it and transform it from being just an organ to being your new BFF!

How It Works

Download Skin Beauty Pal App and take the first step towards understanding your skin better.

Make Accurate Measure of your Skin

Simply take a picture of your face, get important data and track your skin condition.

Read trusted articles and blogs written by the best of dermatologists, skin influencers and beauty influencers.

Skin Beauty Pal gives you access to a customize 7-day Free Weekly Skincare Plan, designed by a dermatologist, addressing major skin concerns like Sensitive Skin, Oil Control, Spot Correction, Anti-ageing, among other.

Based on factors like age, location, environment, skin condition, and skin measure result, the dermatologist will give you a downloadable skin report advising you on the best way to maintain healthy skin. In case of any worry, the report will also throw light on the reason behind your skin problem, the answer to your skin worry and the required steps to solve it.

No more waiting at the doctor’s clinic. Save time and consult with a dermatologist of your choice from a panel of esteemed doctors, within the comfort of your home or even while in traffic via remote diagnosis.

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A healthier relationship with your skin, starts today!

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Available only in India