Air Quality Immediately Improves under Lockdown

The nationwide shutdown caused by coronavirus outbreak has led to big drops in air pollution. While the top-notch scientists are trying to discover a medicine to treat the Virus, the lockdown of different states and countries has brought some more intense effects. Yes, because the country has declared a lockdown and no factories, industries, small scale businesses except essential businesses running, the air quality index has improved significantly. 

If you are wondering why we are so interested in the AQI all of sudden, let us clarify that the air quality index is a direct determiner of your health. Skin and Beauty Pal app offers you updated AQI for your city on a daily basis to ensure you have a clear idea of how pure the air around you is.

AQI & Suggestions:

When you access the AQI page on Skin and Beauty Pal app, you get updated AQI measure of the air in the area. We also offer you added suggestions for skincare to ensure you take the right mechanism to fight the pollutants in the air. The applications highlight the health implications of the air quality and ensure you have healthy and glowing skin by following our suggestions and tips.

Let us explain how breathing and living amid improved AQI can do wonders to your skin.

Damage to the skin due to air pollution:

The polluted air has a range of adverse effects on your skin. The skin absorbs the pollutants and contamination available in the air and becomes dull, dry and dark. 

Premature ageing:

In India, smog is the biggest concern. It is a combination of low-level ozone, dust particles, and pollutants. The more you are exposed to smog, the more adversely it will hit your skin and cause premature ageing of the skin. 

Loss of elasticity:

As your skin absorbs more impurities, it loses its natural ability to absorb oxygen. The lack of oxygen causes wrinkles and loss of elasticity which leads to more signs of ageing.

Lack of nourishment:

The excess exposure to ozone affects the skin’s ability to retain Vitamin E which is an important component to keep the skin moisturized and nourished. Undernourished skin looks dull and patchy. 

Misc. effects:

When you expose your skin to poor quality air for a long time, there is a range of skin problems that can arise and make your skin ill and unhealthy. Some of the common problems associated with poor air quality index include Brown spots, Uneven, dull skin, Wrinkles, Enlarged pores, Skin redness, Dry and itchy skin.

Thankfully, the air quality has improved significantly. You can check the AQI using our app and stay updated on the air quality to tweak your health regime and get flawless skin.


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