Dr Jagatjit Singh Kohli

Dermatologist, Cosmetic Physician, Author & Educator Scholar in researches of NAD (New Age Dermatology) in India Chairperson and Co-Founder – Agelock Skin Clinic   A medical graduate by the virtue of his education, Dr Jagatjit Singh Kohli made a switch to aesthetic medicine in 2013 following his lure and passion for beauty. Dr Kohli’s pursuit to offer the best skincare treatments led him to envision a state-of-the-art facility, offering the latest in skincare at a time when there were a few takers. After completing his training in India and the US and with acclaimed dermatologists from all over the world, Dr. Kohli started ‘Agelock Skin Clinic’, in Chandigarh in 2015.   The ‘New Age Dermatology concept is synonymous with Dr Kohli. As a young man in his late twenties, in the year 2009 he found himself researching about innovative techniques and up gradations of age old practices in the line of dermal treatments. Dr Kohli travelled around the globe to find and learn about practices in the fields of dermatology and equipment used in the same which were still new for India. Getting hands on experiences from conferences like IMCAS - International Master Course on Aging Science, he was now ready to introduce something great to India, inform of non surgical aesthetic treatments in invasive and non invasive categories. As far as any profitable enterprise goes, you need to be the initiator, the leader or the only in your line to push the boundaries and be successful. In Dr Kohli’s case all three hold true. Constantly updating his techniques and extensive knowledge of the subject, Dr Kohli is credited to have explored and introduced various dermatological treatments and methods thus giving him an extreme edge over others.      Dr Jagatjit Singh Kohli introduced mesotherapy to the Indian consumer in the year 2008. He has also played an integral part in creating awareness and acceptance for many treatments by holding workshops and seminars in rural as well as urban India.  Keeping in tune with his high spirits, Dr Jagatjit Singh Kohli has evolved to become one of the best skin specialists practicing general as well as aesthetic dermatology and has absorbed the motto “Service before Self” in indulgence to serve as a true health care professional.      Today, Dr Jagatjit Singh Kohli is the most sought after Cosmetic Physician in India managing facilities which have holistic approach towards aesthetic and general skin care. Recognized and awarded on multiple medical and consumer platforms, Dr Kohli is a world renowned cosmetic physician. He has published more than 100 papers and done numerous researches in field and has been honored by famous media and publishing houses for his extensive studies and in-depth knowledge. He is authoring the book “Fear Skin”, which neutralizes and busts various myths about skin treatments and the same shall be published soon.

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