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Do you move around enough throughout the day? Learn more about your daily activity, get fit and achieve great skin with our Step Counter feature. A fit and healthy body is your first step towards skin enhancement and health.

Easy To Use Step Tracker App

The Real-Time Step Counter allows to you measure your physical activity throughout the day and ensure beautiful skin from inside. The step counter feature uses the built-in sensor to keep a count on your footsteps.Just put your phone in your pocket and off you go. The app will automatically detect the motion and record your step count. This step tracking app is accurate and offers you raw data to calculate your daily workout measure against your goals.

The Best Step Counter App

Skin Beauty Pal claims to be the most reliable and authentic step tracking app in India. The app keeps a track of the step walked in a day and maintains the daily log. You can easily set your daily steps goals and achieve them with dedication with the step counter app. At the end of the day, you can check your daily step count and compare it with the goal.

Walking helps you burn extra calories, get rid of toxins and boost blood supply to different cells of your skin and other organs. Embrace natural beauty and healthy skin with a real-time step tracker feature. Download Skin Beauty Pal today and use this real-time step counter app feature right in your phone!

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