Facial Yoga Exercises for Supple and Healthy Skin

Facial yoga and massages have been in practice since ancient days. They are found in the scriptures of ancient Indian ayurvedic books. Facial yoga helps in stretching the facial muscles and gives your skin a natural boost of oxygen and blood circulation. It helps in toning your face and neck and makes your skin firm providing a youthful appearance.  Now that you recognize how face yoga works, here are some swift and easy exercises you can add to your daily routine to start achieving that young-looking definition.

Facial Yoga Exercises for Supple and Healthy Skin
  1. Forehead Smoother: it helps in smoothing forehead lines and prevents wrinkles. This exercise uses acupressure to take away tension at key points in your forehead. With constant practice, this soothing movement will help put off wrinkles and smooth any unrelenting forehead lines. 
  2. Jaw Stretch: this exercise helps by narrowing your jawline. With this neck firming exercise, you can avoid fine lines, trim up any surplus fat in the jaw, and firm up a double chin which happens to be your selfie’s biggest enemy.
  3. All-Over Face Firmer: This advanced face yoga exercise efficiently engages your whole face. It helps in achieving toning, defining, and activating both cheeks and lower areas of the face. As you stretch, you should feel a minor burning in the corners of your jaws and cheeks — the type of burn you get from a good cardiovascular exercise.
  4. Mouth Exercise: Keep smiling broadly and stretch your mouth as much as you can. Now, press your lips firmly together and kiss! Repeat this exercise 20 to 25 times. This particular facial exercise unwinds the muscles around the mouth and cheeks and also brightens up your face. You will be the pompous owner of cute cheeks and an aluminous smile! When you don’t feel cheerful, keep in mind to fake it till you make it. Sooner or later, it becomes authentic!
  5. Say Sorry! Ear Exercise: Hold your ear lobes and pull them down for a few seconds. For the next few seconds, pull your ear lobes away from each other. While holding your ear lobes, revolve them clockwise and anti-clockwise for about a few seconds each. This exercise brings consciousness and also releases anxiety from the facial muscles.
  6. Blink your Eyes: broaden your eyes, trying to expose as much of the whites in your eyes as possible. Then, press your eyes tight. Open wide, and press again. Keep doing this speedily, till your eyes start watering. Now close your eyes and unwind.

    Do these facial yoga & exercise for a couple of minutes


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