Happy Diwali- Festival of Lights

Diwali is a Festival that brightens the Earth as well as the Skies and brings joy in this world. It is a festival when entire of India transcends into a land of countless lamps. Deepavali, the Festival of Lights has all the allure, grandeur and magnificence that can even illuminate our minds and hearts while also indorsing the much-needed peace, harmony, and unity in the society. It is a Festival that unites every religion, every household, and every heart. The night sky soaks with striking fireworks, much more than on any other day all through India.

Happy Diwali

Deepavali factually means a row or array of lights. Commemorated on the thirteenth/ fourteenth day in the dark half of the Kartika Masa, it is a celebration of light in the face of being the darkest night of the dreariest period. As every festival in India even the Festival of Deepavali has its own innermost importance than sheer lighting diyas, wearing new clothes, swapping sweets and bursting crackers.  The Festival of Diwali unites individuals and is a combination of spirituality, religion, culture, and social beliefs. It is all about realizing the knowledge of our endless potential and dissipating ignorance.

Happy Diwali

Diwali is also a greeting of the Hindu goddess of wealth and good prosperity, Lakshmi. In India’s early farming society, Diwali corresponded with the final harvest before winter—a time to pray for Lakshmi for good luck. Today, Indian businesses yet contemplate Diwali the first day of the financial new year. On the final day of Happy Diwali 2020, the connection between brothers and sisters is feted with a Tilak ceremony, where the sister applies a tilak on the brother’s forehead. This festival applauds the bond between a brother and a sister, with the sister praying for the brother’s happiness and good health and the brother recapped of his duty to safeguard and care for his sister. With this, the festival of Diwali concludes.

The celestial light burns inside us and all around us. May this Diwali bring joy and contentment for humankind by terminating the darkness of ignorance and many more evils that are generating chaos on mankind.


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