Say Goodbye to Acne, Oily Skin and Pores – Skin Enhancement Plan

The reasons for large pores are roughly divided into the following three types:

  1. Oil type: If you have naturally oily skin it’s likely you will have enlarged pores. A large proportion of patients have pores for this reason. When cells lining the sebaceous gland and there is increase sebum production, a comedo is formed by the debris blocking the sebaceous duct and fair follicle. And slowly forms white pimples – the so-called “comedones”. When exposed to air, acne may become black, also known as ‘blackheads’ due to oxidation. The acne of an inflamed infection is the so-called “pimple”.
  1. Oily or Combination type skin: Pores are O-shaped and usually occur on the T-Zone of the face. The outer appearance of these pores is oak round-shaped and concentrated in the T zone. The nose has visible whiteheads and blackheads. Note: Although most of the obstruction is due to excessive oil, people who do not have oily skin will also be prone to blocked pores.
  1. Inflammation after squeezing: The excessive secretion of oil plus infection of acne caused by pore blockage. Crushing with fingers can cause acne scars and dents. 
Say Goodbye to Acne, Oily Skin and Pores

Aging and dryness: As your age or your exposure to the sun increases, the skin loses its collagen and elasticity, and cannot adequately support itself, resulting in large pores. Such pores are concentrated on both sides of the cheek and are usually Y-shaped or drop-shaped.

Dry skin or water replenishment: Insufficient water content will also loosen the tissue supporting the pores, causing larger pores. Such pores are mostly U-shaped.

Solution: Skin Enhancement Plan

The reason why pores become larger is sometimes not due to a single cause. It is due to a number of reasons and needs appropriate and comprehensive consideration.

  1. Grease type solutions:  This type of pore should be cleaned up and blocked before rehydration, to restore pore health. After adding the oil control essence, it can, more effectively, converge the pores. The reason for the strong secretion of oil, in addition to increased secretion of androgen in adolescence, are poor living habits, exposure to a sultry external environment, or poor eating habits. Avoid excessive stress and staying up all night. Try to lead a healthy lifestyle and stick to regular work timings. Inculcate the habit of exercising, and eating fewer sweets and fried foods. This can help reduce the secretion of oil in your skin. For weekday cleaning, you can choose a mild amino acid facial cleanser. Clean the skin with warm and/or cold water in the morning and evening. Do not over-cleanse your skin to avoid taking away the natural oils that protect the skin. Choose a refreshing gel or lotion containing oil control ingredients, such as vitamin B3, B6, salicylic acid, mandelic acid, fruit acid, and other products to help reduce oil content and soften excess stratum corneum.
  1. Inflammatory solutions: To actively treat inflammatory acne, do not squeeze acne by hand, so as not to cause concave sputum. However, it is still recommended to consult a doctor.
  1. Aging and water-deficient solutions: UV rays have a significant influence on collagen destruction and keratin formation, so the first solution is “sunscreen”. If the loss of collagen is age-related, you can choose to use Vitamin C, E, A acid, Q10, or peptide products for proper skin maintenance. Regular treatment with medication is also an effective option. For water-deficient dry skin, the first resort should be ‘moisturizing’. Choose a moisturizer for your skin that has intensive hydration, and that also contains a firming essence. 

You can apply the simple “Weekly Free Plan” provided by our app. In addition to providing easy-to-follow recommended steps, it will automatically remind you every day at the time you set. Or you can use our app’s “Remote Consult” feature talking to the dermatologist for consultation in more detail.

During the process of improving your skin’s moisture levels. If there is any doubt, or if your situation worsens, stop the above immediately and consult a doctor.

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