Let’s Pledge to a healthier self this World Health Day!

Health is the biggest treasure to cherish. If you are healthy, you can work towards your goals in life with full dedication and achieve growth and success. Moreover, a healthy man is happier and more content than the one who does not enjoy the boon of health and wellness. Health awareness is important and this is the reason we celebrate World Health Day on 7th April.

A Peek in the History:

Let’s Pledge to a healthier self this World Health Day!

World health day is celebrated under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization. In 1948, the WHO held the first World Health Assembly wherein it was decided that April 7th will be celebrated as World Health Day. Since 1950, the day is marked as an important day with the aim of spreading awareness about health and wellness.

What to do to stay healthy?

World Health Day focuses on helping people stay healthy and enjoy wellness in life we are living in an age where stress is at its peak. More and more people are dealing with shortness of time and are continuously on their toes to ensure success. Staying healthy is of utmost importance, especially in the time when we live a poor lifestyle.

This World Health Day, Skin Beauty Pal celebrates the spirit and shares some effective ways to stay healthy and flourish.

Eat Well

The first mantra to keep yourself healthy is paying attention to what you eat. Avoid eating any type of processed food and instead, add a lot of fruits and vegetables to your diet. Relishing on seasonal fruits and vegetables is the best way to ensure that you enjoy a healthy and wholesome diet.

Hydrate often

Water is the basis of a healthy life and with a lack of water levels in the body, there come a lot of problems that lead to serious liver disorders and long-term diseases. Drinking plenty of water, a minimum of 7-8 liters per day is recommended. Drinking enough water helps you keep your body healthy as well as maintain your skin health.

Eat less sugar

Sugar is the worst enemy of the human body. While a limited amount of sugar is important for us to pursue our daily tasks. However, with an increase in consumption of processed food, people have started taking more sugar than they require which disturbs the overall balance of the human body.

Follow these three rules and ensure health and wellness. This World Health Day, we wish that you pledge to make yourself healthy and fit and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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